Opera! Die Fledermaus


Mistaken identities, scandalous love interests, absolute chaos, and hysterical outcomes. Die Fledermaus (The Bat) follows Gabriel von Eisenstein and his friend, Dr. Falke, through a high-class, alcohol-fueled evening before Eisenstein must report to prison. With the world around them in turmoil, Falke persuades Eisenstein to attend a debaucherous soiree—hosted by the Russian Prince Orlovsky—with the complex but light-hearted plan to exact revenge on his friend.

Experience Die Fledermaus like you’ve never seen in this modern revamp by Giselle Ty and Chua Ortiga.

Stage Director: Giselle Ty Conductor: Andrew Altenbach

Text & Adaptation: Chua Ortiga


Rosalinde: Inna Dukach Adele: Jana McIntyre

Eisenstein: Kyle Pfortmiller Orlovsky: Ilanna Starr

Alfred: Christian Sanders Dr. Falke: Hadleigh Adams

Frank: Daniel Klein Frosch: Kaaron Briscoe

Dr. Blind: Jonathan Saatman Ida: Sophia Silvers

Concert Information

DirectorGiselle Ty

J. STRAUSS, Jr. Die Fledermaus (The Bat)