SP&O Breaks 10-Year Subscription Record!

Sacramento, Calif. – Today, the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera is pleased to announce that due in part to the wildly successful attendance of their second concert of the Resurrection season, they have broken a 10 year subscription record high including a 60% Increase in subscriptions since the 2012-2013 season.


The Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera believes that the increase in the past three years is extremely significant because it highlights the substantial shift away from previous structures.  “We believe this considerable shift illustrates the hard work that has taken place over the past year.  The community has embraced the new Sacramento Phil & Opera, and their phenomenal support is deeply gratifying.  It shows we are working uniquely and independently of the past to create a legacy of classical music for the future,” said Alice Sauro, Executive Director of the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera.


The Philharmonic & Opera has made tremendous strides that have not been seen in recent times, as evident by record subscriptions. The Sac Phil & Opera has been committed to unique community engagements such as art invasions along with arts education in schools. Their new programming, while both diverse and challenging, has created great interest that continues to drive season subscriptions.


“We couldn’t be more thrilled – this is something that Sacramento hasn’t seen for over a decade,” said Alice Sauro. “We are bringing an entirely new and unique experience to our patrons through our free art invasions, educational outreach, and spectacular concert offerings. We believe this is why people want to subscribe. They’re saying, ‘we are all in’.”


This week also marks the announcement of the “Fortissimo Challenge.” Through the generous gift of $100,000, from an anonymous patron, every dollar donated will go towards the match. “In Italian, Fortissimo means “Very Loud,” and our goal is to have those who want to support us, show their excitement for the season as loudly as possible!” said Alice Sauro. “This is a great way for the community to give back and know that their dollar goes even further.”


The funds raised through the “Fortissimo Challenge” will go towards programming, art invasions, and supporting the 2015-2016 season.