Teacher/Student Submission – Link Up Videos

We’re looking for videos with the following content:

Response Videos:

  • Single students, classrooms, or groups saying ‘We’re ready!’ or ‘Yes!’
  • Single students, classrooms, or groups showing us how to sit tall and hold their recorder. (no speaking necessary just modeling good recorder posture and handling)

Barcarolle Video:

  • Single students playing ‘Barcarolle’ on either recorder part.

We’d like to have as many students involved as possible.  So feel free to have multiple students from your class participate.  Depending on the number of submission and technical qualities of each submission, we may not be able to include every video but will be doing our best.

Video recording instructions:

Please have an adult help the student make the video.  Our team is happy to schedule a zoom call to walk both adult and student through the recording process.  Please email education@sacphilopera.org to schedule a time.

It is important to have good front lighting to make sure we can see the student.

Response Video Instructions:

When recording responses please record videos horizontal.  Please leave 10 seconds of silence before and after the video for editing purposes.

Barcarolle Instructions:

Here is a link to the Guide Track:

When recording please record videos horizontal and, if possible, far enough away that we can see the full recorder and both student’s hands.  Please leave 10 seconds of silence before and after the video for editing purposes

The student will need access to two (2) devices.  A device to listen to the music on with headphones and separate device to record the video.  Whatever device is recording the video should be set on a still surface and, if possible, not held by hand.  Make sure you are not playing the guide track over speakers in the room.  The recording you submit must include only audio of the student’s playing, not the guide track.

Please email all submissions by May 13, 2020 to education@sacphilopera.org